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Horse Heaven Stables currently has 2 equestrian IEA teams.  One team consist of students in the 6th to 8th grades and the other team consist of students in the 9th to 12th grades.  It does not matter what county you live in only that you are close enough to come to Horse Heaven Stables once a week for a practice lesson.  You do not need to own a horse to be on this team.


The IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) has a similar structure to the IHSA.  (see .  Riders will be showing with riders having similar skills.  A team is made up of 3-4 riders and everyone on that team is important to their success.  All individual entries are compiled to a team score and the team championship is more important than the individual honors.  This concept helps build a strong team experience compared to what we normally view as an individual sport. 

For any rider interested in riding in college, this experience is a big bonus.  Riders will have the experience of riding different horses and being able to adapt which is an ability many riders do not have.  The riders will be competing on horses provided by the host school.  As a result, they are looking for the best riders not which rider has the nicest or most expensive horse.  


Horse Heaven Stables offers a selection of qualified horses available for Lease. This is only offered to our current lesson students, taking consistent lessons. Leasing a horse allows you to get deeper in the responsibilities of owning a horse and being independent. Many of our students choose this option before they make the commitment of purchasing a horse of their own.


Our HHS leasing program includes:

  • Riding and grooming time (riding 2x a week)
  • Use of HHS tack room,
  • Use of HHS grooming equipment, coolers, and tack
  • Use of indoor/outdoor arenas
  • Use of wash stall



Special Olympics Coaching

Standing with her first place awards

Joyce Petruzzelli, proprietor of Horse Heaven Stables, is a certified Equestrian Special Olympics Coach. Every year she instructs and travels with students to compete in Equestrian Special Olympics events. These students are from surrounding areas, most new to the equestrian sport. There is no need to own a horse, Horses Heaven Stables has a verity of qualified lesson horses to help students learn and enjoy the equestrian sport.

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Horse Heaven Stables

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Horse Heaven Stables

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 Phone: (315) 462-2354

Current IEA

Sign up for IEA in June 2017! Our shows start September 2017.

We are accept High School and Middle School riders!


We will be posting more on our clinics & show schedule and dates, keep checking in

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