Retirement and Rest Board

Package A:

·         $600/month

·         Daily turn out on grass pastures: 8hrs a day OR 4hrs a day (weather permitting)

·         Individual turnout OR with another horse

·         10x12 matted box stall with windows

·         2-3 meals /day: grain & hay (hay and grain soaked if needed)

·         Salt block provide in every stall

·         Stall & water bucket cleaned daily

·         Individual fans on each stall in the summer

·         Weekly grooming (Bemer,Back On Tack  & Ice boots available for use)

·         Baths in summer

·         Blanket changes (blanket provided by owner, Blanket washing available at an additional cost) 


·         Fly masks on/off (mask provided by owner)

·         Trimming every 6weeks (paid for by HHS, Shoes paid for by owner)

·         Regular fecal checks and worming if needed (paid for by HHS)

·         Yearly vaccinations of Rabies & 5way shot (paid for by HHS, all other desired vaccinations billed to owner) 


Our beautiful, well cared for pastures!

Boarding  Goals

My personal horse from childhood turned 33yrs old this year! Although he has not been ridden for many years, there is also no reason he can not live out his live happy and comfortable, as he well deserves for his many years of allowing me to ride and learn from him.

Our goal is to see that all the horses that come to us are well cared for and comfortable as they live out their life. We do this by checking your horse daily, as we live on the property,  and sending you monthly photos and updates about horse your horse is doing.We understand that every horse enjoys different stabling and turnout routines. Our board allows us to customize the best situation suitable for your equine. Please take your time to carefully read through and select any additional services that you feel are right for your horse. We know your horse is one of a kind, so If you do not find a boarding package suitable, Horse Heaven Stables is more then happy to work with you to create a coustom package for your horse.

Optional Services:


Special Diets – Billed directly to owner

Additional meals- Owner billed for extra feed/hay

Additional deworming- Billed to owner

Supplements- provided by owner, given by HHS at no charge

Horses with shoes- Paid for by owner

Blanket cleaning/repair- Billed to owner 

Special medications- Paid for by owner

Body / Trace clipping- call for pricing


Summer & Winter Months

We understand some horses have sensitive skin. That is why we only use all natural products on your horses.

When you choose HHS for your Retirement/Rest horse we make sure their experience is as comfortable as possible. Horses are turned out at the coolest parts of the day. They graze on large grassy pastures during these spring and summer months. We provide them with fresh water, run-in sheds, and fly protection for the outdoors. Indoors your horse will stay fly free with individual box fans and fly sprayers on each stall.

During the winter they are turned out in smaller pastures that allow them to play, but stay safe. When they can not go out they receive plenty of exercise in our 60 X 180 indoor arena. Your horse will stay warm in our roomy 10 X 12 matted box stalls. Each stall provides your horse with a window, salt block, and plenty of hay.


We now have a selection of Back On Track products available to use on your equine!


Owners are welcome to come visit your equine partner any time. Please contact HHS prior to the visit so we can be sure someone is available to show you your horse.

Contact Us

Horse Heaven Stables

1654 County Road 43

 Clifton Springs, NY 14432


 Phone: (315) 462-2354

Current Clinics

We will be hosting several clinics at our facility from now - throughout winter. This wonderful opportunity gives riders a chance to learn from different professionals, in a central location, as well as social distance.

We welcome outside people to trailer in and join us!

Stalls are VERY limited, so please call if you will be needing one.


Horse Shows

We will be holding two in house horse shows for our students this year, 2023!

Our show dates will be:

-August 20th

-September 24th 

These horse shows give our students ( who own, lease and lesson) a chance to experience how a horse show operates without the stress of traveling to a new location.

The Judges we select, provide feed back to our students after each class to help them understand what a Judge will be looking for from them in the show ring.

Ribbons are provided and all students help run the show. 

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